5 Tips to become a good receiver (Catcher)

We have seen a lots of formulas, drills, perfect equations and many more ideas that people talks that are supposed to make you a better receiver.

Some of this drills, formulas, equations or ideas come from coaches, trainers, former pro players, our active players. Now the questions will be: who is right ? Or who is wrong?, who can I listen to? Or who should I stay away from?. This type of questions comes usually from parents that are really seeking for help to teach their own children.

Here we’re giving you some tips to become a better receiver

1- Always keep your eyes on the ball – you always want to follow the ball with your eyes all the way in to your glove.

2- Be in a nice and comfortable stance – your feet need to be not too wide or too close, we recommend to have them shoulders level.

3- Stay soft with your body – keep your body nice and relax (you’ll be faster and quicker).

4- Keep your glove arm relax – Catchers make the mistake to have it too tense, remember you’ll catch 300 plus pitches in a single game (Professional level).

5-Keep your glove under the ball – work from bottom to top , it will make it easy to frame the pitches.

Follow this 5 tips and for sure they are going to help you with your catching game.

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